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What Makes Us FarBetter Than Others

Seamless live video streaming at ultra-low latency even in unreliable networks.

Software-based that does not require any proprietary hardware.

Reduce video, 3D, and image file sizes by 60–90% while preserving the same quality.

Easy to customize for cutting-edge industrial applications.

Revolutionize MultimediaStreaming & Compression

We strive to enable businesses through seamless global communication and immersive experiences.

Unlocking Next-Gen Industrial Applications

Reliable Communication

Error resilient video streaming for custom communication modems and channels.

Assured Performance

Ensuring performance in extreme challenging environment.

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Elevating Surveillance into the Future

Impeccable Streaming

Flawless live streaming amidst unpredictable bandwidth fluctuations

Resource Optimization

Optimized video content with minimal file size.

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Governance through State-of-Art Technology

Standards Compliance

Adherence to the latest ISO/IEC standards.

Plug and Play

Effortless setup and immediate functionality.

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Accommodate Any Audience Size

Friendly User Experience

Capable to support multiple audio tracks, sub titles and content chapters.

Transparent Pricing

Customizable pricing model as per budget and quality needs

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Connect, Engage & Share Live Content

Immersive Experience

Seamlessly merge live streaming with the Metaverse.

Dynamic Ad Insertion

Bringing bidding-based ad insertion to the Metaverse.

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One of The Kind:WraveX Mini

A versatile hardware designed for efficient encoding tasks. With robust processing power, it excels in rapid media encoding.

Its array of interfaces facilitates easy camera connections through diverse ports, catering to various setups and elevating your content creation process.

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